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Arkansas State Bank Department

The mission of ASBD is to maintain a legal and regulatory structure for Arkansas's financial industry. This structure provides the public with convenient, safe and competitive banking, which fosters economic development within this State. Our mission is accomplished through efficient allocation of available human and other resources existing in our Examination, Information Technology and Administrative Services Divisions.

Reporting to the State Bank Commissioner


Pursuant to Arkansas Banking Code of 1997, as amended, Section 23-48-316(b), all stock transfers of a bank holding company are to be reported to the Bank Commissioner.  Prior approval of the Bank Commissioner is required in certain situations, which are described in Section 23-48-317(b).  New stock issues are to also be reported to the Bank Commissioner in order for information in your corporate file with the department to be kept current with the number of shares issued by your holding company (refer to Section 48-316.1 on page R8.4).  Holding companies with treasury stock should complete the “number of treasury shares” line on the bottom of each stock transfer certificate.

Certain information is to be submitted to the Bank Commissioner in order to complete the holding company’s corporate file.  This information includes:

  • Articles of Incorporation and any future amendments thereto (certified copy of the documents filed with Secretary of State).
  • Stockholders’ List (submitted on an annual basis).
  • Board of Directors’ List and Oath of Directors (annually).

Federal Reserve System Reports and other correspondence remitted to the Federal Reserve should also be copied to the Bank Commissioner.

The Great Seal of Arkansas

The State Bank Department was created by Act 113 of 1913. The Department is charged with regulating commercial banks with main offices in Arkansas. These 74 banks hold assets of over $147.1 billion as of June 30, 2022. The Department also is charged with supervising the bank holding companies of Arkansas state-chartered banks; state-chartered trust companies; regional and county industrial development corporations; industrial loan institutions; and capital development companies. The Department operates to ensure the safety and soundness of, and public confidence in, these institutions and organizations.

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