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Arkansas State Bank Department

Our mission is to provide a legal and regulatory structure for Arkansas that provides the public with convenient, safe and competitive banking, which allows for economic development within this State.

State Banking Board


Board Meeting Minutes


The State Banking Board was originally created under Act 60 of 1933. The Board consists of six (6) members. The members serve for five (5) years.

The powers and duties of the board include: Pass upon bank charter applications and charter amendments; pass upon proposed reorganizations, mergers and consolidations and conversion from National Charter to State Charter; power to permit banks to change location of place of business from one city to another; etc.

The Commissioner and the State Banking Board have full authority to issue rules and regulations.

The board holds regular meetings four (4) times a year on the third Thursday of January, April, July and October. The Bank Commissioner or the Chairman of the Board may reset the meeting after giving notice as required by regulation or may call special meetings as needed.



John Freeman

Term Expires: 12-31-2015

Elizabeth Bowles, 2015 Chairman

Little Rock
Term Expires: 12-31-2016

Lana Hampton

Term Expires: 12-31-2018

Zach McClendon, 2015 Chairman

Term Expires: 12-31-2019

Gary Hudson, 

Term Expires: 12-31-2018

Gary Smith

Little Rock
Term Expires: 12-31-2018