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Arkansas State Bank Department

Our mission is to efficiently allocate Department resources to maintain a legal and regulatory structure for Arkansas that provides the public with convenient, safe and competitive banking, which allows for economic development within this State.

Department Roster


Candace A. Franks – Bank Commissioner

John W. Ahlen, IV – Deputy Bank Commissioner

Susannah Marshall – Deputy Bank Commissioner

Richard D. Buzbee – Asst. Deputy Bank Commissioner

H. Wilks Marshall – Asst. Deputy Bank Commissioner

Michael G. Saunders – Asst. Deputy Bank Commissioner

Baker L. Moseley – Asst. Deputy Bank Commissioner

Gary W. Bush – Bank Certified Exam Manager (Little Rock)

John K. Householder – Bank Certified Exam Manager (Jonesboro)

Kenneth H. Leavell – Bank Certified Exam Manager (Northwest Arkansas)

Jeffrey A. Cameron – Bank Certified Exam Manager (Information Systems)

Robert M. Henry – Bank Certified Exam Manager (Large Bank Group)

Stacey D. Leder – Bank Certified Exam Manager (Trust)

Dharmin H. Patel – Bank Exam Manager (Little Rock)

John W. Ashby – Bank Certified Exam Manager (Financial Analysis)

Kevin C. Mosley – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Gregg Qualls – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Robert L. Hughes – Bank IT Administrator

Mitch L. Vire – System Specialist

Gregory F. Langley – System Specialist

Gail Green – Fiscal Division Manager

Vicki A. Wise – Payroll Services Coordinator

Devan E. May – Procurement Coordinator

Cynthia L. Nixon – Executive Assistant to the Director

Barbara A. Mahoney – Research Project Analyst

Lori A. Morrison – Research Project Analyst

Sharon K. Hacker – Administrative Analyst

Antwanette C. Pettigrew-House – Administrative Analyst

Lisa F. Abels – Administrative Analyst


Thomas J. Anderson – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Thomas L. Cook – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Jerry C. Corrothers – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

W. Kent Darr – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Chris K. Davis – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Christopher A. Dillon – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

W. Nathan Elliot – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Michael L. Green – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Jim E. Homan – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Roy D. Jackson  – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Lance A. Nutt – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Jordan A. Patterson – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Raychel Malone Pendergist – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Shaun G. Perkins – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Jacklyn G. Powell – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Matthew A. Rose – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Mark G. Rye – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Kelly M. Shewmaker – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Scott J. Smith  – Certified Bank Senior Examiner

Luke B. Webre – Certified Bank Senior Examiner


Donna J. Dodge – Bank Senior Examiner

G. Barton Hammond – Bank Senior Examiner

Andrew D. McCormick – Bank Senior Examiner

William R. Milum – Bank Senior Examiner

Scott M. Lambert – Bank Senior Examiner

Daniel E. Sims – Bank Senior Examiner

Johnathon W. Welch – Bank Senior Examiner


Adam W. Chase – Bank Assistant Examiner

Kelly R. Davis – Bank Assistant Examiner

Wesley H. Mathis – Bank Assistant Examiner

Wynne M. Morgan – Bank Assistant Examiner

Seth D. Parsley – Bank Assistant Examiner

Ashish V. Patel – Bank Assistant Examiner

J. D. Sonnier – Bank Assistant Examiner


Joel T. Futrell – Bank Examiner Trainee

Daniel B. Park – Bank Examiner Trainee

Richard T. Puloma – Bank Examiner Trainee (IS)