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Arkansas State Bank Department

The mission of ASBD is to maintain a legal and regulatory structure for Arkansas's financial industry. This structure provides the public with convenient, safe and competitive banking, which fosters economic development within this State. Our mission is accomplished through efficient allocation of available human and other resources existing in our Examination, Information Technology and Administrative Services Divisions.

Advantages of Being/Becoming a State Chartered Bank

Arkansas state-chartered banking institutions enjoy many advantages.  As the primary regulator of a state bank, the Arkansas Bank Commissioner and State Bank Department are little more than a short drive or brief telephone call away from the banking institutions they regulate.  A regionally located staff of bank examiners provides an examination staff familiar with your banking area and local economic conditions.  The State Bank Department is comprised of Arkansas people interested in the welfare of Arkansas financial institutions.

1)  Self-Examination Program

The State Bank Department has developed and made available to commercial banks, on a voluntary basis, a "Self-Examination Program".  This began March 1986 and has proven to be an effective management tool for bank managers and Boards of Directors.  Participating on a monthly basis, the Program provides a concise presentation of key ratios and performance indicators in the areas of profitability, efficiency, risk and asset quality, liquidity and growth.  For the bank manager and Board of Directors, it provides timely, accurate and meaningful information, which can assist in recognizing and understanding the bank's strengths and weaknesses.  Such understanding is essential in effectively planning a bank's sound and successful operation.The program also provides management with meaningful peer information generated from all commercial banks within Arkansas who participate in the program.

The program also provides management with meaningful peer information generated from all commercial banks within Arkansas who participate in the program.

To participate, management simply has to complete an input sheet, which requests key balance sheet and income statement items.  Department personnel review the information generated for accuracy and return the reports to management within a week.

This service is offered to the banks by the State Bank Department at no cost to the participants.

2)  Training Offered

The Arkansas State Bank Department continually strives to provide outstanding training for its examination staff, as well as bankers.  Some training previously offered included Capital Markets, Call Report, Fraud, and Bankruptcy.

Member banks of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors have access to first class compliance and management training offered by CSBS.  

3)  Accessibility

State Banking Department personnel, including the Commissioner, are personally accessible.  This promotes better communication and faster resolution of questions and concerns from bankers.

4)  Competitive Cost

State Banking Department assessments are competitive with fees assessed by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).


            Effective January 2023:






Semiannual Assessment,

$100,000,000 in assets:






5)  Local Supervision

State banks are examined by people familiar with the issues affecting local economics.  State examiners can make a more informed assessment of a bank's safety and soundness.

6)  Expeditious Treatment

State Banking Departments are able to consider and respond to requests from state banks quickly with personal attention by telephone calls, letters, or personal visits.

7)  State Governance

Statutes affecting state chartered banks are enacted by the state legislature, which is more sensitive to local needs and conditions than the U. S. Congress. Through contacts with state legislatures and their Governor, state bankers have considerably more opportunity to affect banking policy at the state level than at the federal level.

8)  State Banking Board

State bankers have the opportunity to participate in the regulatory process through the State Banking Board.  This structure allows bankers to work with state regulators to achieve a safe, sound, and responsive banking system for all citizens.

The Great Seal of Arkansas

The State Bank Department was created by Act 113 of 1913. The Department is charged with regulating commercial banks with main offices in Arkansas. These 73 banks hold assets of over $153 billion as of March 31, 2023. The Department also is charged with supervising the bank holding companies of Arkansas state-chartered banks; state-chartered trust companies; regional and county industrial development corporations; industrial loan institutions; and capital development companies. The Department operates to ensure the safety and soundness of, and public confidence in, these institutions and organizations.

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