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Arkansas State Bank Department

The mission of ASBD is to maintain a legal and regulatory structure for Arkansas's financial industry. This structure provides the public with convenient, safe and competitive banking, which fosters economic development within this State. Our mission is accomplished through efficient allocation of available human and other resources existing in our Examination, Information Technology and Administrative Services Divisions.

Emergency Proclamation - Citizens Bank Batesville

Apr 10th, 2023


WHERE AS: Severe storms and tornadoes that occurred on March 31, 2023, caused great damage to private property and public facilities in various jurisdictions in Arkansas; and

WHERE AS: Adverse circumstances have been brought to bear upon the citizens and properties within the State; and

WHERE AS: Arkansas state-chartered banks have had their operations severely disrupted by the storms and tornadoes; and

WHERE AS: The Citizens Bank, Batesville, Arkansas, is an Arkansas state-chartered bank with branches within the area affected by the storms; and

                       WHERE AS: A State of Emergency has been declared in the States of Arkansas; and

                       HERE AS: With the consent of the Governor;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Susannah T. Marshall, Bank Commissioner of the State of Arkansas, acting under the authority vested in me by Ark. Code Ann. 23-46-212, as amended, do hereby declare a State of Emergency for The Citizens Bank branch located at 8000 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, Arkansas.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, 1 have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the Arkansas State Bank Department to be affixed this fifth day of April, in the year two thousand and twenty-three.

Susannah T. Marshall

Bank Commissioner


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The Great Seal of Arkansas

The State Bank Department was created by Act 113 of 1913. The Department is charged with regulating commercial banks with main offices in Arkansas. These 73 banks hold assets of over $155 billion as of June 30, 2023. The Department also is charged with supervising the bank holding companies of Arkansas state-chartered banks; state-chartered trust companies; regional and county industrial development corporations; industrial loan institutions; and capital development companies. The Department operates to ensure the safety and soundness of, and public confidence in, these institutions and organizations.

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