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Arkansas State Bank Department

The mission of ASBD is to maintain a legal and regulatory structure for Arkansas's financial industry. This structure provides the public with convenient, safe and competitive banking, which fosters economic development within this State. Our mission is accomplished through efficient allocation of available human and other resources existing in our Examination, Information Technology and Administrative Services Divisions.

FS-ISAC Plans Cyber Exercise

May 5th, 2017

The Financial Services-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) is planning a Cyber-Attack Against Payment Systems exercise session twice in September.  Regulated financial institutions in North America can participate at no cost in sessions on September 12-13 or September 19-20.

The “tabletop” exercise simulates an attack on payment systems and processes.  The purpose of the exercise is to enable an organization to assess its processes, plans and resources developed to respond to a “cyber” breach.  In addition, participants will receive insights on “best practices” to reduce the risk of a security breach.

Membership in FS-ISAC is not required to participate in the exercise.  FS-ISAC has separate Web sites for information about the exercise and to register for a two-day session.  Financial institutions with questions about the exercise should send an e-mail to or call Susan Helling at 877-612-2622, extension 557.

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