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Supervisory Examination Tools Suite Being Deployed in 2016

Mar 16th, 2016

After several years of development and testing, state bank regulators have new supervisory tools that will bring advanced information security, operational efficiency and greater consistency to bank examinations.

The new set of supervisory tools is called ETS, short for Examination Tools Suite.  ETS is a joint project undertaken by state bank regulators, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Federal Reserve to modernize bank supervisory software systems.

With ETS, bank examiners will be able to share information across agencies more freely; have for the first time an option to go paperless, eliminating the need to carry reams of bank line sheets; and can expect more efficiency and information security with improved access to key examination data.

The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) began deployment of the new ETS tools to state bank departments in January 2016, starting with northeastern states.  The tools will be deployed by region throughout the year, with nationwide deployment expected by year-end 2016.

“Before the full-scale deployment of the ETS, it was important to first test the tools in the market,” said Kyle Thomas, CSBS Senior Director of Bank Supervisory Processes.  “We were able to do this with several states in the Northeast region.  The results of that pilot were positive from the examiner standpoint and we feel ready to begin deploying nationwide.”

Starting in mid-March, CSBS began the nationwide, region-by-region deployment of the tools with week-long training sessions in the Atlanta and Chicago regions.  By June, examiner training will have made it to the Kansas City and Dallas regions, with all other regions to receive training in the third and fourth quarters of 2016.

“In order for the deployment of ETS to be a success, bank examiners must be well trained on the new tools and most importantly they must feel comfortable using the tools,” Thomas said.  “To achieve this, we have taken a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach where state bank examiners that have already been trained on the tools and actually use them will train other bank examiners.  This will help ‘build a bench’ of expert ETS users across the states, which will help us along the deployment path.”

The CSBS ETS Train-the-Trainer sessions are being held by state regulators for state regulators, but within a similar deployment time line as the FDIC and the Federal Reserve.

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